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Capricorn Coast birds  

Among those habitats there are several extensive estuaries with their associated mangrove systems, there are also several long beaches backed by sand dunes and the littoral habitats behind them, these may be heathland, wetlands or paper bark swamps, further inland again we have a range of woodlands merging into wet and dry sclerophyll forests, because we have this wide range of diverse habitats we have a great many bird species, especially in such a relatively small geographical area. In this section I will be posting the photographs I have taken of these birds, I don't claim to be a great photographer so the quality of the images will range from very ordinary to quite good, however they are all recognisable and may be a useful resource for residents of the Capricorn Coast and visitors who would like to identify some of the many birds they will come across.
Many of these photos were taken with a Canon S3 IS which is a remarkable little camera for what it cost, however I have upgraded to an EOS 1000D which has greatly improved my results.

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Weekly bird column
I've recently begun a weekly bird column in the Capricorn Coast Mirror, our local newspaper, the link below will take you to the columns that have been published.