Capricorn Coast History
European settlement of the coastal districts of Central Queensland began in 1855, following Ludwig Leichhardt's expedition of exploration from Sydney to Port Essington, Leichhardt's journey took him through good pastoral land and he returned with enthusiastic reports about potential of the new country creating much interest among pastoralists seeking new land. When, in 1854, the New South Wales Government proclaimed the pastoral districts of Port Curtis and Leichhardt there began a steady infux of settlers, over the next 60 years what we now call the Capricorn Coast was explored and settled, the History section of my site will be an introduction to this period.
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This is a brief history of the attempt to create a sugar industry on the Capricorn Coast in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the part played by indentured Pacific Islanders and their subsequent history.
Taranganba Gold Mining Company was one of the biggest mining swindles ever perpetrated in the colony, despite overwhelming evidence against the principals involved no charges were ever laid. This is a story of ruthless cynicism, greed and local power.
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King O'Malley is one of the more colourful and enigmatic characters to enrich the theatre of Australia’s Parliament, his flamboyant character, outspokenness, radical social policies and shadowy past made him a controversial figure in national politics for nearly two decades.
Gold Mining
The search for gold in the new colony had been stimulated by the belief that mining could satisfy two main objectives of colonisation; the settlement of a permanent population and the investment of capital in local industry.
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Emu Park's Historical Museum was established in 1984 by the Emu Park Historical Museum Society Inc. initially with the single building that is now the main entrance, the museum has since grown steadily with the addition of more historical buildings and an expanding collection of railway carriages and equipment.