Hi, I'm Greg Thomas, welcome to my web site about the Capricorn Coast, it's communities, natural attractions, abundant bird life, diverse habitats, history and along the way give you some idea about why we love this very pleasant place. I've called it my Capricorn Coast because the site is about how I see the place and what I like about it; I hope you find it as interesting, informative and enjoyable as I find making it is.
As the name suggests the Capricorn Coast is on the Tropic of Capricorn where it crosses the Central Queensland coast at Keppel Bay, a large, somewhat sheltered bay studded with many islands. This location gives us a milder tropical climate than northern Queensland and our proximity to the sea moderates the excessive heat of a tropical summer.
These factors have created a lifestyle that is relaxed and informal with an emphasis on the outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty of Keppel Bay and its Islands, our beaches and National Parks. Despite our mildly hedonistic lifestyle we are not brain-dead being a vigorous and intelligent population supporting a complete range of community groups, clubs and organisations.
There is no precise definition of the boundaries of the Capricorn Coast but for the purposes of this site I have restricted it to the area extending along the coast south from the Military reserve of Shoalwater Bay to the mouth of the Fitzroy River and inland to the Bruce Highway but not including Rockhampton.
Capricorn Coast map  
I haven't been able to come across population figures for the area above but about 25,000 would be a fair guess with the bulk of them living in and around Yeppoon.
Weather annual averages
maximum (°C) 25.9  
minimum (°C) 18.6  
mean rainfall (mm) 818  
rainy days 111  
For comprehensive weather statistics follow this link; Yeppoon climate  
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