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Many people are unaware that Great Keppel Island is only one of a large number of tropical islands on the Capricorn Coast, collectively they are called the Keppel Bay Islands. Fifteen of these are in The Keppel Bay Islands National Park while another, Pumpkin Island, is an unspoilt holiday retreat.
Keppel Bay is a broad sweep of water off the central Queensland coast from Curtis Island to Corio Bay, the bay is studded with islands varying in size from rugged rocky outcrops to islands of over 1400 hectares, most of these have fringing coral reef and healthy fish populations.The Bay with its many islands is great for swimming, coral reef snorkelling, fishing, sailing and tropical island holidays. Great Keppel Island is the most well known of its islands but it also embraces the Keppel Bay Islands National Park and Pumpkin Island, the bay was named by Captain James Cook in May 1770 after the then First Lord of the Admiralty, Augustus Keppel.
Ferries, cruises and charters
Apart from the regular ferry service operating to Great Keppel Island there are sailing and snorkeling cruises, bareboat charters, a sailing school and fishing charters available.
Keppel Bay Islands National Park
This National Park covers many of the islands in the Keppel Group, some of the islands are strictly for research but others are available to the public for day visits and camping, for camping pre-booking is necessary.
Fishing and Boating
The inshore waters and the islands of Keppel Bay are a relatively safe and often beautiful area for sail and power boats. Fishing covers reef and pelagic, beach, rock and estuary for the deadly serious or some safe and pleasant places for beginners, young families or to simply relax.
Pumpkin Island
This is a privately owned island off the southern end of North Keppel and is operated as a low key and reasonably priced eco-resort, accomodation is in comfortable, fully equipped cabins. More
Diving and Snorkeling
Most of the Keppel Bay Islands have good quality fringing reef with much of it in shallow water and accessible from beaches, this is a great advantage for snorkeling. Several dive companies operate in the bay and there are also day cruises for snorkeling.
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Pumpkin Island  
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